Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Love from the Blogosphere

Caffeinated Politics posted this a few weeks ago.
Recently, though, President Barhorst has decided to take the already unfair situation and make it demeaning and condescending as well. She informed the Union that “… if part-time faculty were serious about a career in teaching, that they should apply for a full-time position, here or someplace else.” She suggested also “…for part-time faculty, teaching was just some extra thing they do in their lives.” Hobby Teaching Professionals!? Do you suppose that these people went to obtain an extra six to ten years of expensive university training beyond high school for a HOBBY? Wouldn’t stamp collecting have been cheaper and with fewer headaches! And, can anyone imagine that these people, many of whom have PhDs in their field, aren’t already applying for the scant number of full-time tenured positions offered across the country?
Well said, indeed!

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  1. MATC Partimers....
    Well of course, after 12 years of post-graduate education, a BA Northwestern (Buddhism), BA and MA Cambridge University (Theology), MDiv (Ministry - three year degree) at Univ Chicago and a PhD UW- Madison in the old and once great Buddhist Studies Dept. (7 years) (We had so many Asian and American grad students in the good old days). As Geshe Sopa once said, one should get training in Buddhism for truth, not for a job. I took that to heart. I remain in town, for, unlike the Buddha, I cannot bear to leave my children in divorce, for a job. Sorry! Family values here! I could be working at Carolina Coastal College, sitting on the beach, full-time, healthcare, oh! The works! But I am not, because of my children in town. When they graduate high school, then I am off to India! For now, I have loved serving the really fun and outspoken MATC students. Too bad! The administration is so way uncooler than its own students! Barhorst has persuaded me to just look around online. Online is the future, like it or not. Hey! The telegraph is gone! So is the face-to-face teacher, like it not! MATC simply fails to innovate with these outrageous high salaries for out-dated teaching techniques. I hope to make that all the more clear through my YouTube channel, Enjoy! Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II, dabbler, world philosophies and religions, especially dabbling at Buddhism