Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Press

Looks like one of the commenters from the Capital Times article has his own blog and is making some nasty accusations in this post. Let's make sure we set buckleywheatstone straight before he does any more damage to our cause.
Remember - we fully support the current and future compensation levels of Full-time Faculty. We simply want our own wages to keep pace.


  1. I didn't catch on to the nasty accusations in this post. Granted, as part-timers, we don't have any problem with the compensation of the full-time teachers. And it certainly isn't in our interest whatsoever to be in competition or at odds with our full-time colleagues. We are all on the same team! The problem for part-timers is, why are we treated as second-class, third-class or fourth-class team members?

    This blogger points out that we have the same education and work requirements, but the difference in pay is "mind-boggling." I totally agree!

    Every one is entitled to their unique point of view and "angle" on the topic, but I would not describe this post as a "detractor." I think on many points this blogger describes the PT situation accurately, and agrees that our compensation is too little, and not fair. The fact that he proposes a different solution does not make him (or her) a detractor.

    Please, let's not alienate our potential supporters (or anyone for that matter) by labeling them as a detractor. This blogger does not appear to despise our union or our cause, and is actually doing us a favor by helping to get the word out! Name-calling is not going to help our cause, so can we get this blog post taken out of the "detractor" category?

    In solidarity,
    : ) Amanda

  2. Amanda,
    In general, I agree with your sentiments and took some consideration before posting. However, we must be very careful to avoid any support of lowing f/t wages. As you said, it is not in our interest to compete.
    Also, buckleywheatstone's last sentence "It's high time the MATC board act in the community's interests rather than their union friends' interests." really struck a nerve. There seems to be an anti-union undercurrent that we should also be wary of.
    It is great to have empathy regarding our low wages, but we must take care in choosing the route by which the situation may be rectified. Buckleywheatstone's heart may be in the right place, but he's travelling down the wrong road to get us where we need to be.