Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teaching Future Colleagues

Many part-time instructors have full time jobs outside of MATC. Be they in manufacturing, government, health care, or the service industry, these instructors are experts in their chosen fields. They bring with them a skill set that is a reflection of the current state of the work environment. This alone is of great benefit to students and the general mission of MATC.
But, part-time instructors also have the foresight to realize that they are teaching their future colleagues. They have a vested interest in ensuring quality education and training because they may well depend on their students in some capacity in the professional world. Is this purely due to self interest? Of course not. What is good for the students is good for the long-term stability of their industry and the community.
A strong, well trained work force is a hallmark of the new economy - for jobs that cannot be outsourced, jobs that bolster local markets. Part-time instructors know what they are imparting to the next generation of laborers, entrepreneurs, and thinkers will have a lasting effect. So, help us help you.
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